Cable Super Service are manufacturers of high quality pipes and hoses for various applications on all makes of automobile, motorcycle and machinery.

Steel pipes ranging from 4.8mm up to 13mm can be made up according to your sample or diagram for various applications including brake, clutch, fuel. power steering and oil coolant.

In addition to making up all the various steel pipes, we will also bend them according to the existing profile of your sample to ensure ease of fitment.

We stock a wide range of tube nuts, olives, in-line connectors and T-pieces to suit almost every automotive requirement as well as the ability to flare the pipes according to the sample or diagram.

Flexible hoses including brake, clutch, oil, fuel and some power steering pipes can also be made according to a sample or diagram.

Hose collars are crimped in heavy-duty hydraulic presses, ensuring performance in high pressure environments.

All steel pipes and flexible hoses can be produced the same day, therefore eliminating inconvenient downtime.

Manufactured Pipes

Steel Pipes

Power Steering
Oil Coolant

Flexible Hoses

Some Power Steering

We offer a mobile service for vehicles in the process of restoration and can plumb the various hydraulic systems on site for your convenience.

Extensions can be made to brake lines on motorcycles where longer handle-bars have been fitted.