Cable Super Service are manufacturers of high quality heavy duty push pull control cables for all makes of automobile, plant machinery and marine applications.

A wide range of applications and industries are catered to, including gear selector cables on automobiles, trucks, buses, plant machinery and forklifts.

Controls for front-end loaders, cement mixing trucks, PTO cables and aircraft mixture control.

All controls are manufactured to stringent standards to ensure accurate and durable service using quality materials including Supa-slip armour core inners for smooth operation.

We are able to manufacture everything from light-duty choke controls to heavy duty plant controls.

We stock a wide range of components including ball joint assemblies, clevises and various control handle assemblies to cater for any application.

Services Offered


Gear Selector
Heater Control
Seat Control
Kick Down

Earthmoving & Marine

Front-end loader
Cement Mixing Trucks
Gear Selector
Potato Harvesting Steering Control
Morse Outboard Motor Control